How to Get a Fishing Pole in New World

This guide explains how you to get a fishing pole in the New World game.
Fishing Pole

Fishing in New World is a crucial part of the game. But if you are going fishing in the New World, you can’t do that without a Fishing Pole or Rod with Fishing Bait. In this post, I will be telling you exactly how you can get a Fishing Pole, Rod in New World.

Types of Fishing Poles in New World

There are currently 5 fishing poles you can craft in the game with the Engineering skill. All these five fishing poles are divided into three types.

  • Crafted Fishing Pole, which you can craft by yourself
  • Quest Rewards for completing quests in the New Worl

Here are all the five types of Crafted Fishing Pole in New World

  • Tier 1 – Wooden Fishing Pole – 0 Engineering to Craft, 12-meter max cast distance
  • Tier 2 – Treated Wood Fishing Pole – 0 Engineering to Craft, 14-meter max cast distance
  • Tier 3 – Aged Wood Fishing Pole – 50 Engineering to Craft, 16-meter max cast distance
  • Tier 4 – Wyrdwood Fishing Pole – 100 Engineering to Craft, 18-meter max cast distance
  • Tier 5 – Ironwood Fishing Pole – 150 Engineering to Craft, 20-meter max cast distance

How to Get a Fishing Pole in New World

You can get or obtain a fishing pole through crafting, completing quests, or purchase it from the trading post in the New World game.

How do I craft a fishing pole?

Crafting a Wooden Fishing Pole requires 1x Green-Wood and 1x Fiber and can be crafted at level 0 Engineering. You can craft one at a Tier 1 Workshop in town, or at a Tier 1 Camp outside of town. The main difference between each of the crafted poles is the increase in Max Cast Distance.

How do I get a fishing pole from Quest?

The very first fishing quest in the chain will reward you with a {Wooden Fishing Pole} upon completion. This quest can be found at the lake outside of Windsward and becomes available to you shortly after creating your character. A few additional fishing poles can be obtained through the Fishing Quest chain.

You will also get one of the following legendary poles as a reward from the last part of the Fishing Quest Chain.

  • Ancient Fishing Pole – 20-meter max cast distance
  • Angry Earth Fishing Pole – 20-meter max cast distance
  • Corrupted Fishing Pole – 20-meter max cast distance
  • Lost Fishing Pole – 20-meter max cast distance

Where do I purchase or buy a fishing pole?

If you want you can also get a fishing pole in New Worl by purchasing a fishing pole from the trading post. They can be found under Tools / Gathering Tools / Fishing Poles.

Now, after you have obtained a fishing pole don’t forget to equip it.