Honey Impact: Everything You Need to Know

Honey Impact

Despite the recent crackdown on leaking and other illegal activities by major wiki databases for miHoYo’s Genshin-Impact website Honey Impact, the game’s developer MiHoYo has pledged to bring the game back with major changes. The site will remain online until the changes are implemented. It has come under fire for shutting down its website and claiming that the site is not legitimate. Despite this, the site has remained online because of the recent lawsuit filed by MiHoYo against Bilibili, a fansite that allowed Genshin-Impact fanfics. Various individuals have been forced to close their accounts due to miHoYo’s legal actions.

MiHoYo has also sued Bilibili, one of the biggest sources of Genshin Impact leaks in China. The lawsuit cites infringing terms of service, but the fact is that Honey Impact’s terms of service are not based on those of miHoYo. So, the site has been shut down, and the legal case will continue. Hopefully, MiHoYo’s move will result in the shutdown of other leaking sites.

What is Honey Impact?

Honey Impact is the largest wiki database for miHoYo’s Genshin-Impact game. The Honey Impact was recently sued by Bilibili, which extracted information on 11 of the biggest Genshin-Impact leakers.

MiHoYo’s legal team has pushed to have Honey Impact shut down, but the company claims they don’t want to take down the site. While MiHoYo wants to keep its site up and running, the website will be down until the lawsuit is resolved. If that happens, Honey will face huge legal fees and its website will be banned. It’s a sad situation for all concerned. With the website being taken down, it’s a loss for everyone involved.

The lawsuit was launched on June 18 after the site was banned in China. After miHoYo’s lawsuit, Honey Impact decided to shut down its site. They cited a violation of their terms of service, but that isn’t true. The DMCA doesn’t apply to miHoYo. It’s a major source of leaks and datamines. The website is no longer being updated and has had to shut down.

While the lawsuit has been a huge setback for Honey Impact, it still remains an important site for fans of MiHoYo’s genshin-Impact fanfic. Its massive database has surpassed its rivals and is one of the most popular websites dedicated to the game. The site is also the biggest wiki dedicated to fanfic. This means that there are plenty of new stories coming out every day.

Despite the legal action, the site still remains an invaluable source of information. However, it is not entirely clear if the site will remain online. Nevertheless, a lot of the information it has on offer is valuable. This is why the site has been so popular. While the situation is still unclear, it will likely survive until the lawsuit ends. In any case, if Honey Impact shuts down the website, many other Genshin-Impact fans will be upset.