What is Lego Fortnite?

Lego Fortnite
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite is one of the biggest pop culture properties, and now, Epic Games has launched Lego Fortnite—signifying what seems to be a new era for the title. It requires a new slew of skills for you to use. While it features many of the skins in your Fortnite account, Lego Fortnite isn’t just another battle royale for you to take part in.

Lego Fortnite has its own rules and mechanics that form an entirely different game. It’s a survival crafting game akin to Minecraft. What’s more, instead of downloading a whole new game, you can select it from the Fortnite menu—much like you would when you hop into Zero Build mode. If you’re eager to learn more about Epic’s latest addition, we’ll provide you the latest rundown on what Lego Fortnite is, where you can download it, and more.

Lego Fortnite Explained

Fortnite is a battle royale title where you and other players fight each other to be the last person standing, aka, the victor. You’d think Lego Fortnite would do the same thing but in Lego form, but that’s actually not the case; it isn’t a shooter or a battle royale at all. Instead, Lego Fortnite is a game that highlights exploration, crafting items, and building using Lego bricks. You don’t need to purchase anything from the Fortnite Item Shop to do these things.

There’s the Survival mode, where you get to take on the role of a small Lego character. You must gather resources, build tools, weapons, and structures, and explore a world. You can also interact with other characters who will join your group and help them with their missions.

Another thing that Lego Fortnite has is combat. You won’t go head-to-head with other players, but instead, you’ll be fighting against Lego versions of wolves, skeletons, spiders, and other beasts. True to its name, Survival mode is where you have to craft and gather everything you’ll need, from wood to craft tools and weapons to food to stave off your hunger. Once you’re in the thick of it, you’ll gain access to even more complex items.

If worrying about your hunger meter doesn’t sound appealing, you can try the Sandbox mode. This is a non-violent mode where you can build whatever your heart desires with Lego bricks. The point here is to get creative and explore freely without worrying about enemies attacking you.

The Possibilities Are Limitless

As you’d expect from the name, you can certainly build impressive buildings and the like in Lego Fortnite—it’s one of the game’s biggest draws. How it goes is the game will provide the blueprints for basic shelters you can build. You can even try to recreate those ramps in Fortnite to make your house! However, the construction is entirely up to you if you want more complex options.

Once you gather the necessary materials and learn the tools at your disposal, you can go from making small shacks to building a castle fit for a king. Much like when using real-life Lego sets, you don’t necessarily have to follow the instructions included in the box; it’s simply there as an option or a suggestion.

Lego Fortnite is Accessible for Younger Players

Epic Games had the idea to make every piece of their content rated, which streamlines nicely with their parental controls. Fortnite was always a hit with kids (and adults), but with Lego Fortnite, the title has now become more accessible to a younger audience. It seems to dip into several genres and gameplay loops that people already love in other titles. For example, Valheim, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing all come to mind.

In a procedurally generated survival game—like Minecraft or Valheim—you have this moment when you open the map for the first time. That cathartic feeling of where you don’t know what’s around the corner and what perils await you can be applied in Lego Fortnite. Meanwhile, the social sim design aspect focuses entirely on realizing the Lego fantasy. The idea of homesteading, investing in your villagers, and building adds a cozy touch to the game.

Fortnite is Not Just A Battle Royale Anymore, It’s Something More

People who aren’t keeping up with the updates in Fortnite or don’t know about its user-generated content might think that it’s only a zany BR where you and 99 other people fight to the death. In reality, it’s an ecosystem filled with many different things. While Fortnite certainly is a battle royale at its core, it has evolved multiple times to cater to everyone.

Where to Download Lego Fortnite

Downloading and playing Lego Fortnite is entirely free of charge! All you have to do is get an Epic Games account and download the main Fortnite client. From there, you’ll find Lego Fortnite on the main screen of a menu that looks like a Netflix library screen.

You can play Lego Fortnite with up to eight players in the same world. However, note that it’s impossible to play in split-screen mode; you must all have your own tablet, console, or PC to access the title. Like in the OG battle royale, Lego Fortnite supports cross-play on all platforms.