OSRS How to Pickpocket Master Farmers


Pickpocketing Master Farmers in Old School RuneScape is a great way to train your Thieving skill and obtain valuable and less valuable seeds. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of Gielinor, with patience, practice, and the right approach, you’ll be able to turn this activity into a profitable and rewarding experience.

Master Farmers, scattered throughout the world of OSRS, are unique NPCs that offer a lucrative opportunity for players looking to advance their Thieving skill. With the proper setup, you can earn a decent amount of OSRS gold by pickpocketing master farmers. These characters are known for their diverse range of seed drops, which include everything from basic vegetable seeds to rare and valuable ones like ranarr and snapdragon seeds.

Successfully pickpocketing Master Farmers improves your Thieving skill and provides you with seeds that can be sold for a significant profit or used to enhance your Farming skill. However, the success of your pickpocketing efforts heavily relies on your Thieving level, strategy, and understanding of the game mechanics.


The seed drops from Master Farmers are varied and can significantly impact your in-game wealth and farming capabilities. The range of seeds includes common ones like potato, onion, and cabbage seeds, which are relatively easy to come by. However, the real value lies in rarer seeds such as ranarr, snapdragon, and torstol seeds. These seeds are highly sought after for their use in high-level farming and have substantial selling prices on the Grand Exchange.

It’s important to note that the variety and rarity of the seeds you can pickpocket directly correlate with your Thieving level. Higher levels increase the chances of obtaining these rare and valuable seeds. Therefore, investing time and effort in boosting your Thieving level is crucial for maximizing your rewards from pickpocketing Master Farmers.

Thieving Level

Your Thieving level is the cornerstone of successful pickpocketing. To start pickpocketing Master Farmers, you need a minimum Thieving level of 38. However, for a more efficient and practical experience, a Thieving level of 70 or higher is recommended. At higher levels, you reduce the chances of getting caught and increase the frequency of successful pickpockets.

This is essential because the rate you pickpocket directly impacts your overall efficiency and the number of seeds you can collect in a given time. As you progress, you’ll find that the effort put into leveling up your Thieving skill pays off, making your pickpocketing sessions more rewarding and less frustrating.


The technique of pickpocketing Master Farmers is as important as your skill level. Positioning is vital; you must stand in a spot that minimizes the walking distance to the farmer, allowing for quick and continuous pickpocketing. It’s also crucial to choose less crowded areas. High player density can lead to lag, slowing your pickpocketing rate.

Additionally, be prepared for the occasional failure. When caught, you’ll be stunned momentarily, so wearing items that reduce stun duration or increase your chance of successful thievery can significantly boost your efficiency. Paying attention to these details will ensure a smoother and more productive pickpocketing experience.

Rogue’s Outfit

The Rogue’s Outfit is a game-changer for pickpocketing. Obtained from the Rogue’s Den minigame, this outfit grants you double loot on every successful pickpocket. This means for each successful attempt, you get twice the number of seeds, doubling your profits and resources for farming. Although obtaining the Rogue’s Outfit requires time and effort, the payoff is substantial. With this outfit, your pickpocketing sessions become significantly more lucrative, making it an essential investment.

Ardougne Diary

Completing various tiers of the Ardougne Diary offers invaluable perks for pickpocketers. The rewards from the Medium diary increase your chances of successful pickpocketing by 10% when in Ardougne. This bonus is extended to the entire OSRS world with the completion of the Hard diary. This increased success rate is crucial for reducing the frequency of being caught and boosting overall efficiency. The Ardougne Diary rewards, with a high Thieving level and the right gear, can transform your pickpocketing experience, making it more fruitful and less tedious.

Dodgy Necklace

The Dodgy Necklace is an essential item for any pickpocketing endeavor. Crafted using a silver bar and an opal and then enchanted with the enchanted opal jewelry spell from the standard spellbook, this necklace provides a 25% chance of avoiding being stunned and damaged when caught pickpocketing. Each necklace has ten charges, making it a valuable asset for prolonged pickpocketing sessions.

The necklace reduces the downtime caused by stuns and prolongs your thieving streaks, allowing you to gather more seeds and experience over time. Incorporating the Dodgy Necklace into your pickpocketing setup is as wise as searching for the OSRS gold price before buying some.

Where to Find Master Farmers

Master Farmers can be found in several key locations across the OSRS map, each offering different advantages and challenges. The most notable locations include Draynor Village, Ardougne, south of Varrock, and the Farming Guild.

Draynor Village

This is a popular spot due to its proximity to a bank. It’s ideal for quick storage of seeds and easy access. However, its popularity also means it can be crowded.


This place is far from the bank, but it is popular because players wrongly believe they can use the medium Ardougne diary. However, only the boost from the hard diary applies here.


While less popular than Draynor or Ardougne, Varrock offers its advantages. The location is usually less crowded, allowing for a more relaxed pickpocketing experience. However, the distance to the bank is slightly longer, which can impact the efficiency of seed storage.

Farming Guild

This is another popular location because it is close to a bank and teleport. However, your access is restricted by your farming level.

Each location has unique characteristics, and your choice should depend on your priorities, whether it’s proximity to a bank or lower player density.

XP Per Hour

The experience earned per hour from pickpocketing Master Farmers varies based on your Thieving level, equipment (such as the Rogue’s Outfit and Dodgy Necklace), and your method’s efficiency. Players can expect to gain approximately 20,000 to 60,000 XP per hour. However, this rate can increase significantly with optimal conditions and high-level skills.

Your choice of location can also impact your XP rate. For instance, areas with fewer players can allow for more consistent pickpocketing, potentially increasing your XP gain. Experimenting with different setups and locations is important to find what works best for you and maximize your XP per hour.

Mastering the art of pickpocketing Master Farmers in OSRS is an intricate and rewarding process. It requires a blend of skill, strategy, and the right equipment.