Prophecies in Last Epoch: A Comprehensive Guide

Last Epoch

In the realm of action role-playing games (ARPGs), “Last Epoch” emerges as a captivating universe teeming with mysteries, challenges, and an array of items that can significantly enhance your character’s abilities. Central to this experience are Prophecies—a unique system designed to reward players with valuable loot.

This guide delves into the intricacies of Prophecies within “Last Epoch,” providing a detailed exploration of their mechanics, acquisition, and strategic usage.

Understanding Prophecies

Prophecies in “Last Epoch” serve as side objectives that players can complete to obtain some of the most coveted loot in the game. The essence of Prophecies lies in their ability to offer guaranteed rewards upon the completion of specific tasks.

These tasks range from eliminating designated targets to fulfilling certain conditions, thus adding an element of purposeful adventure to your journey through Eterra.

Acquiring Prophecies

The journey to unlocking Prophecies begins in the Upper District of Maj’Elka, where you must align yourself with the Circle of Fortune. This faction introduces you to four telescopes, each presenting a selection of Prophecies available for purchase. The acquisition of Prophecies involves spending Favor, a currency obtained through gameplay, to secure the tasks and their associated rewards.

It’s important to note that while the availability of Prophecies is somewhat randomized, the act of purchasing them allows players to strategically influence the loot they receive, thereby mitigating the randomness typically associated with item drops.

Maximizing Prophecy Benefits

As you ascend in rank within the Circle of Fortune, you gain access to craftable lenses—tools that can further refine the quality of loot you obtain from Prophecies. These lenses have the power to alter the requirements for completing Prophecies, thus offering a layer of customization to the process.

However, players also have the flexibility to discard unwanted Prophecies. This can be done through the Faction Panel, where you can review active Prophecies and choose to abandon them if they no longer align with your goals, with a cap of 48 active Prophecies at any given time.

Key Points

  • Prophecies are side objectives that reward players with guaranteed loot upon completion.
  • Acquiring Prophecies requires joining the Circle of Fortune and spending Favor.
  • Prophecies can be customized and influenced through the use of craftable lenses.
  • Players have the ability to discard Prophecies, maintaining control over their active objectives.


Prophecies in “Last Epoch” offer a compelling mechanic that not only enriches the gameplay experience but also provides players with a methodical approach to obtaining valuable loot. By engaging with the Circle of Fortune, utilizing lenses, and strategically selecting Prophecies, players can significantly enhance their journey through the game. This guide serves as a foundation for understanding and maximizing the benefits of Prophecies, inviting players to explore the depths of “Last Epoch” with renewed purpose and strategy.


  1. What are Prophecies in “Last Epoch”?
    • Prophecies are tasks that, upon completion, reward players with guaranteed loot.
  2. How do I acquire Prophecies?
    • Prophecies can be acquired by joining the Circle of Fortune in Maj’Elka and purchasing them with Favor.
  3. Can I influence the type of loot I get from Prophecies?
    • Yes, by using craftable lenses, you can influence the odds in favor of obtaining better-quality loot from Prophecies.
  4. Is there a limit to how many Prophecies I can have active at once?
    • Yes, you can have a maximum of 48 Prophecies active at any one time.
  5. Can I discard a Prophecy if I no longer wish to complete it?
    • Yes, Prophecies can be discarded through the Faction Panel by selecting the Prophecy and confirming your decision to abandon it.