How to Get Festive Fever in Genshin Impact: Lantern Rite Guide

Genshin Impact

The Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact is a cultural celebration deeply rooted in the game’s Liyue region, mirroring the real-world Chinese New Year festivities. It is a time of joy, reflection, and community, presented through a series of in-game events, quests, and rewards that enrich the player’s experience with the game’s lore and characters. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of how to participate in the Lantern Rite event, specifically focusing on acquiring and utilizing Festive Fever, a crucial event currency, to unlock a plethora of rewards.

What is Genshin Impact: Lantern Rite Event?

The Lantern Rite event is one of Genshin Impact’s most anticipated annual celebrations, occurring around the Lunar New Year. It introduces players to a series of quests, mini-games, and the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards, including free characters and themed skins.

The event is distinguished by its vibrant atmosphere, with the streets of Liyue Harbor lit by countless lanterns, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that embodies the spirit of renewal and community.

What is Festive Fever in Genshin Impact: Lantern Rite?

Festive Fever in Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite event serves as a special festive mood event or currency that players must accumulate to unlock rewards within the event.

The Lantern Rite is a significant in-game celebration that takes place in the Liyue region, coinciding with the Lunar New Year and showcasing the game’s rich cultural lore and festive activities. To engage in the Lantern Rite festivities and earn Festive Fever, players are required to participate in various event-specific mini-games and quests.

How to Get Festive Fever in Genshin Impact: Lantern Rite

To begin your journey in the Lantern Rite event and get Festive Fever, you must first unlock Festive Fever. This is achieved by completing the event’s prerequisite quest, “The Orioles Bask in Spring, The Heavens Present Auspices.” Following this, players can access the event section to track their Festive Fever progress​​.

Lantern Rite
Event menu preview (Image via @Genshin_EN_GW)

Earning Festive Fever

Festive Fever is earned by participating in various event gameplay modes, each offering unique challenges and opportunities to accumulate this currency. These include:

  • Paper Shadows: A mode that requires players to assist characters in gathering ingredients, emphasizing strategic movement and resource management.
  • Joyful Beasts and Their Auspices: A competitive mode where players engage in challenges to collect points through activities like collecting Lucky Teabricks and navigating dynamic terrains.
  • Tridescent Cloud-Striding: Focuses on collecting Jade Lotus Lanterns while avoiding obstacles, testing players’ agility and precision​​.

Utilizing Festive Fever

Accumulating Festive Fever unlocks rewards such as Primogems, the Crown of Insight, Hero’s Wit, and the opportunity to invite a 4-star Liyue character to join your roster. The more Festive Fever you gather, the greater the rewards, incentivizing players to engage deeply with the event’s offerings​​.

List of all the Genshin Impact: Lantern Rite Rewards for 2024

The Genshin Impact Lantern Rite event for 2024 offers a variety of rewards that players can earn by participating in event-specific activities and accumulating Festive Fever. These rewards include in-game items, characters, and skins, designed to enhance the player experience and add to their collection of resources and allies. Here’s a summary of the rewards based on the information from the sources:

Event Rewards:

  • Intertwined Fate: Players can earn Intertwined Fate, which is used for wishes to obtain characters and weapons, by logging in during the event and participating in specific event activities​​.
  • Primogems: A valuable currency that can be used to purchase Intertwined Fate for character and weapon wishes.
  • Crown of Insight: An item used for leveling up character talents beyond their usual limits.
  • Hero’s Wit: Experience materials that help level up characters.
  • Mora: The in-game currency used for various transactions and upgrades.
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore: Used to enhance weapons.
  • Free 4-star Liyue Character: Players have the opportunity to invite a free 4-star character from Liyue to their team by participating in the “Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze” event and earning enough Festive Fever​​​​.
  • Character Skins: Special skins for characters like Xingqiu, Shenhe, and Ganyu are available either for free or at a discounted price during the event period​​.

Mini-Game Rewards:

Participating in Lantern Rite’s mini-games also grants players a chance to earn additional rewards such as Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Enhancement Items​​.

Special Notes:

  • Event Duration: The Lantern Rite event has a limited duration, typically around the Chinese New Year period. Players are encouraged to participate actively during the event to maximize their rewards.
  • Exclusive Content: Some rewards, especially character skins and specific event characters, are exclusive to the Lantern Rite event, making it a unique opportunity for players to obtain them.


The Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact is not just a celebration within the game; it’s an homage to cultural traditions, bringing together the community in a shared experience of joy and festivity.

By participating in the event and earning Festive Fever, players can unlock a wealth of rewards, deepening their connection to the world of Teyvat and its rich lore. As you embark on this festive journey, embrace the spirit of Lantern Rite, and let the glow of a thousand lanterns guide your way.


  • Q: How do I start the Lantern Rite event?
    • A: Complete the prerequisite quest “The Orioles Bask in Spring, The Heavens Present Auspices” to unlock the event.
  • Q: Can I earn free characters through the Lantern Rite event?
    • A: Yes, by accumulating enough Festive Fever, you can invite a free 4-star Liyue character to your team.
  • Q: Are there any exclusive skins available during the Lantern Rite?
    • A: Yes, the event offers exclusive skins for characters like Xingqiu, which can be obtained for free or purchased at a discounted price.
  • Q: How long does the Lantern Rite event last?
    • A: The event duration varies but typically aligns with the Lunar New Year period. Check in-game notices for specific dates and times.