Path of Exile: Guide to Acquire Voidstones


Exploring the vast and intricate world of Path of Exile is an integral aspect of the adventure. To unlock new realms and zones within the game, players must upgrade their Atlas of Worlds, a task efficiently accomplished with the use of Voidstones. But the journey to acquiring these essential stones is a tale of its own. Let’s dive into the details.

Acquiring Voidstones: Your Key to Atlas Advancement

In the expansive world of Path of Exile (PoE), progression through the Atlas of Worlds is a critical aspect of the game. This journey is significantly enhanced with the use of Voidstones, crucial items that upgrade map tiers, paving the way to new game sections. Players can obtain four distinct Voidstones by overcoming formidable foes:

  • The Searing Exarch, from whom you can obtain the Omniscient Voidstone.
  • The Eater of the Worlds, defeated for the Grasping Voidstone.
  • The Uber Elder, the source of the Decayed Voidstone.
  • The Maven, who yields the Ceremonial Voidstone.

Each Voidstone is tied to a specific quest, making their acquisition an integral part of your PoE journey. For instance, to claim the Omniscient Voidstone, players must confront The Searing Exarch, one of the dreaded Eldritch Horrors, at the climax of the Searing Exarch quest located in the Absence of Patience and Wisdom.

Similarly, The Eater of the Worlds awaits players with comparable resistance stats to The Searing Exarch, including a 50% resistance to Fire, Cold, Lightning, and 30% to Chaos. This encounter occurs at the conclusion of The Eater of the World quest within the Absence of Symmetry and Harmony, marking another critical step in your quest for Voidstones.

Securing these Voidstones is essential for advancing in PoE, requiring players to strategically navigate through the game’s challenges and manage their resources effectively, including the judicious use of PoE currency to enhance gear and readiness for these pivotal battles.

Confronting the Uber Elder: A Strategic Encounter

To challenge the Uber Elder, players must first navigate to the Shaper’s Realm and triumph over both the Elder and the Shaper in their standard forms. This formidable task rewards victors with four fragments essential for unlocking access to the Uber Elder’s domain through the Atlas. The subsequent battle against the Uber Elder demands not only skill but strategic preparation, with victory granting the coveted third Voidstone.

The Final Challenge: The Maven

The ultimate Voidstone requires facing The Maven, a pivotal figure in The Maven and The Atlas of Worlds quest. Securing a confrontation with The Maven entails a rigorous display of power, as players are tasked with defeating a series of bosses to prove their strength. Upon successfully entering The Maven’s arena and emerging victorious, players are rewarded with the final Voidstone, marking a significant achievement in Path of Exile.

Navigating these battles and preparing for the encounters necessitate careful planning and resource management. Players often turn to PoE Trade to acquire essential gear and consumables, ensuring they are adequately equipped to face these challenging foes. By leveraging PoE Trade, adventurers can fine-tune their builds and strategies, optimizing their chances for success in obtaining all four Voidstones.

Final Thoughts

In Path of Exile, the journey to obtain all four Voidstones represents a pinnacle challenge, testing players’ mettle against some of the most formidable bosses in the game. From the fiery depths of the Searing Exarch’s lair to the cosmic arena of The Maven, each encounter demands strategic planning, skillful execution, and the resilience to overcome.

As you gear up to face these titanic foes, remember that preparation is key. Whether fine-tuning your build, strategizing with fellow Exiles, or utilizing PoE Trade for that perfect piece of gear, each step brings you closer to claiming the Voidstones and enhancing your Atlas of Worlds.

We encourage all Path of Exile adventurers, from seasoned veterans to ambitious newcomers, to take up this monumental challenge. Share your victories, strategies, and tales of conquest with the community. Together, let’s unlock the secrets of the Atlas, push the boundaries of what’s possible, and carve our names into the annals of Wraeclast’s history.

Are you ready to embark on this epic quest? Gather your allies, plan your builds, and set forth into the unknown. The Voidstones await, and with them, glory.