Street Fighter 6 Characters Detailed

Street Fighter 6’s character roster is now confirmed, and it’s a pretty impressive group of fighters. These characters include many returning Street Fighter favorites, as well as a number of newcomers. The roster does not include player-created characters, though. This means that the game will likely feature 24 characters in total.

Ryu has been a mainstay of the Street Fighter series for years, and he is still looking to prove himself to his old rivals. His quest for the strongest opponents in the world has taken him across the globe. He’s already defeated Dark Ryu and defeated Satsui no Hado, and now, in Street Fighter 6, he’s looking to achieve even greater heights. In addition to Ryu, you’ll find new fighters in the game, such as Luke, a PMC contractor who has been training for years for the fight.

If you have played the original Street Fighter arcade game, you’ll remember the name Damnd, the first boss of the game’s Final Fight campaign. He also appears in the Metro City Downtown stage, along with his fellow members of the Mad Gear Gang. The stage is also adorned with a graffiti logo from Capcom, which recalls the logo found in the original Street Fighter arcade game.

The Street Fighter 6 characters were revealed gradually by Capcom. The first full-length trailer showed off the game’s roster, which included Ryu and Chun-Li. Summer Game Fest saw the reveal of another character, Guile. Guile’s new look was also revealed. The game also has a world tour mode and customizable characters.

The Street Fighter series is famous for its strong cast of characters, and the game’s cast of characters is no exception. The cast also includes new characters like Kimberly, a black female fighter. She shares a connection with Guy as a Bushinryu-trained martial artist. Marisa, an Italian street bawler, and Mimi from France will also join the cast.

Some characters will be returning from previous installments. Chun-Li, for instance, is a former ICPO agent. He has since retired from fighting crime and teaches classes in kung fu. His attacks include Serenity Stream and Tensho Kicks. He also briefly served as a mentor for Luke in Street Fighter 5.

During Evo 2022, Capcom unveiled four new characters including KenDhalsimBlanka and E. Honda. Kimberly is a fast-moving striker and can attack opponents in mid-air. She is also capable of using her flying axe kick. Another new character in the Street Fighter series is Juri. His costume is reminiscent of his character from Street Fighter Alpha. She has a passion for ’80s pop culture.

The game’s characters will include many familiar faces from previous games, and several brand-new ones. It will also feature many of the characters from the original Street Fighter II World Warriors, such as Chun-Li and Manon. The game will launch with 18 playable characters. There are plans for free updates and DLC that will bring new characters to the game.