Play Arcade Spot Sort the Court Cool Game Free Online

Sort the Court

Want to kill some free time, why don’t you play some free online games? When it comes to free online games which you can start paying in the second, the list is endless. You can simply visit some popular online free gaming sites such as gamesgames, kongregate, and arcade spot and start paying free for some great indie games. But today I will be talking about the cool and quite interesting arcade spot game Sort the Court which you can play right from your browser online for free.

Sort the Court plays really well and it’s fun to have such a video game on your browser window. Below is the description from the arcade spot of the game.

”Sort the Court! is king simulation indie game created by username Graebor, where you play the role of a king and sit around all day trying to approve or disapprove your kingdom’s wishes. Learn to discern the good from the bad and try to stay away from the shady people. Or be a part of the dark side and rule your kingdom with fear. Correct decisions will make your kingdom prosper in the long run, but being a king is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Keep in mind that easy money comes with a price…”

To play the Sort the Court you can simply visit this link here.