Street Fighter 5 Update 3.12 Patch Notes Adds

Street Fighter 5

The latest 3.12 patch notes for Street Fighter 5 are now available for download. According to the Street Fighter 5 patch 3.12, this update brings a pixel filter, which pays tribute to the classic Street Fighter series. The cel-shaded look adds more depth and vibrancy to the characters and attack animations. It is one of many improvements that come with this update.

The MP’s are now more effective at close range. They can also be linked with the Standing LK, which increases the pressure of close range strikes. Similarly, Standing HP and Jumping HP have changed properties, and the effect of a mid-air hit has been changed from recovery to slam down.

Another important change comes with the Soul Bind move. Its timing has changed to allow players to use it more effectively. The attack now starts at a faster speed and allows players to block more easily, while the move also has a better recovery time. Moreover, you can now cancel the V-Trigger on EX Soul Punish.

Street Fighter 5 3.12 Patch Notes – September 2, 2022

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Some of the other important changes in this patch include the following: EX Crimson Terror can now be canceled with the V-Skill I on hit, and the hitbox is extended upwards when the first hit connects. The attack now also gives elemental status on the block and creates a special blockstun, making it easier to combo with.