Sony Plans 2 Million PSVR2 Headsets by March 2023, Bloomberg Reports


Sony plans to ship two million PlayStation VR2 headsets by March 2023. The company started production of the VR headset in September and is still evaluating the demand. The company does not plan to sell any exclusive games and is not relying on the sales of its controllers. If the headset proves popular and sales go well, Sony will have sufficient inventory to begin the marketing push.

The VR headset segment is still at a critical stage due to its relatively low market penetration. Meta’s Quest 2 has sold more than 17 million units, but that still pales in comparison to other gaming platforms. Additionally, the industry has been hit by the financial slowdown and increased materials costs. Suppliers are unsure how long Sony will be able to maintain its rapid production rate.

Sony is planning to drastically increase production of the PlayStation VR2 headset. According to Bloomberg, the company plans to ship two million headsets by March 2023. This is a significant jump over the one million units the PlayStation VR1 sold in eight months. However, if the headset and controllers are successful, Sony may adjust their production numbers. Sony has yet to announce a price or release date for the headset, but it is expected to debut sometime in early 2023.

Although Sony has not confirmed the release date of the PSVR2, this report adds more weight to the speculation that it will launch in 2022. It’s possible that this timeframe will coincide with the time when availability of the PlayStation 5 is expected to ease. The company should have sufficient inventory by then to run large promotional campaigns.