Rumor: Resident Evil Revelations 3 is in the Works

Evil Revelations 3

For the moment, no remake/reboot of Resident Evil Outbreak is mentioned, but the insider claims that Resident Evil Revelations 3 is in the work instead.

In recent days, Capcom has been hit by a massive leak that would have revealed the company’s future plans well in advance. The leaks in question would not only have revealed the arrival of a VR version of Resident Evil 4 and the hypothetical release date of Resident Evil Village, but also the release of several games for the Nintendo Switch, still untitled.

Well, in the past few hours a user asked the well-known insider Aesthetic Gamer, aka Dusk Golem, if the rumors that emerged in the past few days concerned a possible remake/reboot of Resident Evil Outbreak, or even a new chapter in the saga. Here is dry answer from Dusk Golem:

[User] What can you tell us about that resident evil outbreak that leaked? It’s a remake of the original outbreak, a reboot of the outbreak series or an outbreak 3?

[Dusk Golem] It’s Revelations 3, not Outbreak 3. I won’t say more than that for now though.

The well-known insider seems to have no doubts. The new title in the works at Capcom studios would have nothing to do with the Outbreak series, but it would be Resident Evil Revelations 3.

At the moment we do not know much more about the story, given that the rumors that emerged in recent days were quite limited, but we remind you that, as these are simple rumors, so take such news with caution, since there has been no official announcement by the Japanese giant.