Resident Evil Village Will Be First Person & Release on PS5, Xbox Series X and Steam

Resident Evil Village

As one of the most anticipated announcements after a forceful round of leaked content. Capcom decided to release the premiere announcement for the eighth instalment of the Resident Evil franchise, called Resident Evil Village, during the PlayStation 5 presentation.

During the live broadcast, the developer, through a cinematic teaser, introduced viewers to the theme and a series of references that would contemplate the atmosphere of the new instalment of the title survival-horror of Resident Evil Village which today presents more details.

It is through a development vlog published directly by the producers of the saga, where Capcom gives an account of some of the most important details of the now baptized as Resident Evil Village.

In the first instance, the title would continue with the trend of using the saga’s own engine, RE Engine, which has already been used in previous games such as Resident Evil: 7, Resident Evil Remake 2/3 and Devil May Cry 5.

On the other hand, the studio has sought to make it clear that the title will take you to the skin and life of Ethan Winters, who this time must visit a European village, conditional on some rumors prior to its official announcement.

Like its canonical predecessor, Resident Evil Village will be officially first-person to maintain that atmosphere of tension and immersion in the game. As anticipated in the trailer, Chris Redfield will be back in this instalment now to subject the protagonist to investigate the harshness of the village and the virus that affects it.

Unsurprisingly, the title will not only hit the next ninth-gen PlayStation 5 console, but it will also hit Xbox Series X and platforms like PC via Steam.

Rizwan Ahmad
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