Red Dead Redemption 1 Is the ‘Number One Inspiration’ for Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch highlighted the influence the Rockstar title of Red Dead Redemption 1 had on the development of its new title of Ghost of Tsushima.

Every time an AAA-title is announced and more if it is an exclusive game, you can think that the project is so ambitious as to earn a place in the history of video games. However, for many developers this does not represent a topic in itself and they do not hesitate to point out where their projects come from, that is, the influences that inspired it and that we will surely see in the final product.

In the case of Ghost of Tsushima, there is a title that has the most influence and it is from Rockstar San Diego. During an interview with Gaming Bible, Nate Fox, director of Ghost of Tsushima, spoke about the influences that the game has had during its development, of which it is known that in the game’s art section are inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus.

Well, in general terms, the most important title for the development of the Sucker Punch samurai game is none other than Red Dead Redemption, one of the most important games of Rockstar Games. In that sense, Fox stated the following:

“I would say the number one inspiration for the title was Red Dead Redemption – not Red Dead 2 but Red Dead Redemption, – because they did such a fantastic job bringing the fantasy of being an outlaw cowboy to life. Landscape, the way that people talk to you, the way that you move – all have it brought you into that identity. And for us, I used to say like, ‘hey,’ when I would try and get people excited about the game, ‘think of it like as the same format as that.”

“When we’re building the game, and a game like Breath of the Wild comes out – that does such an amazing job of showing how the power of curiosity can be stoked in all these many ways. While we always wanted you [to] be transported to Tsushima Island and not butter things up, I think that that game really inspired us to try even harder, to go deeper, to just clear out the decks so that you could be just as present as possible in Tsushima.”

Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17 exclusively on PS4.