Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Will Release in Japan This August

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

The passing of the years has allowed some video games that were once exclusive to reach other platforms via a relaunch with their relevant remastering. The players who wanted to play Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on GameCube, which released more than 15 years ago. Will finally be able to do so thanks to the debut of its remastered version, which already has a release date in Japan, igniting the expectation for the date for the rest of the world.

According to a post by the insider Wario64, it was revealed that the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is confirmed to release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices on August 28. Although there is no release date for the rest of the markets yet. It is expected that it will not be long before fans can experience this adventure that came first on the Nintendo GameCube.

The original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles installment represented the franchise’s return to a Nintendo console after 10 years and following the split between the company and Squaresoft following the Final Fantasy VII development process.

It is worth mentioning that, unlike other Final Fantasy remasters. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition will have an online mode that can be enjoyed on PS4, Switch and iOS and Android devices. Hence, the adaptation process of this game has to be considered as somewhat different from that of titles such as FF VII, FF VIII or FF IX.