Disney to Invest $1.5 Billion in Epic Games to Create an Expansive Open Games and Entertainment Universe

Disney and Epic Games will collaborate on an all-new games and entertainment universe. Image: Credits: Disney

The Walt Disney Company and Epic Games have announced a collaborative effort to create a new games and entertainment universe connected to Fortnite. This ambitious project will be supported by a $1.5 billion investment from Disney to acquire an equity stake in Epic Games.

This new universe aims to offer a persistent, open, and social experience, allowing players and fans to interact with content, characters, and stories from Disney’s extensive portfolio, which includes Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and Avatar, among others. This initiative will leverage the Unreal Engine to provide a platform where users can play, watch, shop, and engage in a variety of activities.

The collaboration represents Disney’s most significant venture into the gaming world, aiming to merge the vast and beloved Disney universe with the dynamic and expansive world of Fortnite, creating a seamless experience for fans and gamers.

This move is seen as a transformative opportunity for growth and expansion within the gaming and entertainment industry, highlighting the potential of bringing together content creation and interactive experiences in new and innovative ways.

Disney and Epic Games have a history of collaboration, having integrated content through Fortnite events and utilizing the Unreal Engine across Disney’s entertainment and media platforms. This new venture aims to deepen this relationship further, building on past successes to create a comprehensive and interactive universe that promises to offer unique experiences for players and fans worldwide.

This initiative is a testament to the growing convergence between traditional media and the gaming industry, acknowledging the significant role of games in the contemporary digital entertainment landscape. By creating a space where fans can immerse themselves in the stories and worlds they love, Disney and Epic Games are setting the stage for the future of entertainment, where the boundaries between different media continue to blur​.