Project CARS 4 Will Use Madness 2.0 Engine; Most Realistic Simulation Game Ever

Project CARS 4

Behind the scenes, Slightly Mad Studios are currently working on Project CARS 4. As studio head Ian Bell announced via Twitter, players can look forward to nothing less than the most realistic simulation of all time.

With Project CARS 3 released this summer, the developers of Slightly Mad Studios not only made friends among the players. Instead, long-time fans of the racing game series, in particular, criticized the fact that they distanced themselves a little from the first two titles.

With Project CARS 3, the developers delivered a racing game that was no longer as realistic as its predecessor. Instead, the simulation share has been scaled back in favor of a broader target group.

As Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, assured via Twitter, the creators took the feedback from the fans to heart and would like to focus more on the roots of the series with Project CARS 4.

The bottom line is that this means nothing other than the fact that Slightly Mad Studios are pursuing the goal of delivering not less than the most realistic simulation of our time with Project CARS 4.

A goal that, according to Bell, should be achieved “in every area.” The graphic implementation of Project CARS 4 will benefit from the new generation of PC hardware and the two next-generation consoles of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, for example.

According to Bell, the graphic details include, for example, leaves that are thrown up by the cars and can even hit the windshield of your own vehicle. Unfortunately, Bell did not reveal when the official presentation of Project CARS 4 can be expected.