Monster Hunter Rise for Switch Gets Two New Trailers Featuring Great Sword and Switch Axe Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom has released two trailers for Monster Hunter Rise featuring the new weapons the Great Sword and Switch Axe weapons. The new trailers will add up to the total weapons which Capcom has announced so for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise for Switch.

To recall, previous weapon trailers introduced the Gunlance, Insect Glaive, Hammer, Sword & Shield, Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun, Lance, Long Sword, Bow, and Dual Blades.

Below you can find the official overview of the two new weapons.

Great Sword

Overwhelming, devastating power. The Great Sword delivers meaty chops with incredible force. Charge its attacks for even more damage!

“Power Sheathe” is a silkbind attack comprised of a quick Wirebug-assisted dash and a sheathing motion that boosts your attack for a short time.

Switch Axe

Mighty, transformative force. The Switch Axe boasts advanced technology to deliver multiple options:

  • Axe Form – Fluid motion and hefty hits.
  • Sword Form – Quick powered-up strikes.

Phial effects activated by the sword now also persist in axe form. #MHRise

“Invincible Gambit” is a silkbind attack that fortifies the hunter, making them immune to flinching or being knocked back by even the fiercest of attacks.

Notably, Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch is set for a release date on March 26, 2021, worldwide.