Uncharted and God of War Remakes Were Reportedly In Consideration by PlayStation

God of War

According to what emerged in the past few hours, PlayStation was willing to make remakes of some of its most successful titles, such as the Uncharted Trilogy and that of God of War remakes.

The news would have been spread by a former employee of the Japanese giant, who in addition to talking about his work experience at one of the PlayStation Studios, would have admitted that Sony was interested in bringing back to life some of its most successful exclusives in a modern key.

Among the games mentioned, we find the first God of War, which for the uninitiated was released in 2005, and the famous Uncharted saga created by Naughty Dog.

The employee in question is Michael Mumbauer, former head of Sony’s San Diego studio, who would have revealed the director of Twisted Metal and God of War, David Jaffe, the company originally had entrusted the supervision of a group of visual arts which provided support to other software houses owned by Sony, but in the end, his role has taken on a new form, oriented more towards the realization of remakes and remastered.

Unfortunately for various reasons, also due to the change at the top of the company, the idea of ​​making the remakes of God of War and Uncharted has remained at the moment into nothing.

According to Michael Mumbauer, both games could have been hugely successful if they had gotten a treatment similar to Square Enix’s highly-acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but clearly, we have no certainty about the final quality of the projects since we don’t know the creative qualities of the new development team.

At the moment we do not know for sure which project is in development at Sony San Diego Studio, but several rumors suggest that the software house is working on the alleged Uncharted 5.