OW2 Player Reports Missing 2000 Premium Currency With Watchpoint Pack

Many OW2 players have reported missing 2000 Premium Currency with the Watchpoint Packs after purchasing the upgrade. The missing premium currency issues appears to be a bug among others. Overwatch 2 has already been reported to have several issues and bugs since its launch which have made OW2 players so disappointed with the game.

The Watchpoint Pack is an expansion that will give you two exclusive Legendary skins as well as 2,000 Virtual Currency. These coins can be used to buy the premium battle pass in both seasons. You can also use these coins to upgrade to the next level in the game. However, the Watchpoint Pack isn’t the only reason you can’t get the premium currency.

There are two ways to fix the Missing 2000 Premium Currency error. First, you can try to uninstall Overwatch 1 if you are playing the same game on both platforms. Sometimes, this error affects the Watchpoint Pack on both platforms. If you are able to uninstall Overwatch 1, you will be able to get it again.

In our previous OW2 posts, we have already reported about several other bugs and issues players are currently facing while laying OW2. This these issues includes, Bastion Ults Bug, account merge errors, and bronze 5 placement bug unable to rank up and LC-208 login error.

Several recent server issues have resulted in massive queues in Overwatch 2. Server issues and DDOS attacks have made it difficult for players to access the game. Many have been forced to wait in queues as long as 40 hours before getting into the game.

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