System Shock 3 Development Officially Taken Over by Tencent

System Shock

Just when it was thought that everything was said for System Shock 3. A title by OtherSide Entertainment that was looking to bring back the cult franchise that emerged on PC. The project found a light on the road that apparently will leave behind the problems of OtherSide Entertainment and Strabreeze. A few days ago, it was reported that the Chinese telecommunications giant, Tencent, could take over the franchise and today it is a confirmed fact.

Through an official statement on Twitter, Otherside Entertainment reported that Tencent Holdings, a division of the Chinese company, has taken over the reins of System Shock as a franchise and from now on it will take over everything related to its related projects.

According to the studio, their limitations as an independent team made it difficult for the development of System Shock 3 to move forward. But now the situation has changed thanks to the support of Tencent and this is expected to help the franchise bet on close-ups.

The development of System Shock 3, and it is rumored that of a possible System Shock 4, faced problems after the economic debacle of Starbreeze. The company that served as editor of the project. So after breaking a relationship with OtherSide Entertainment, it was very complicated to proceed forward.

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However, it seems that the arrival of Tencent will alleviate all the problems in the development of System Shock 3, so the video game should be considered as more alive than ever.

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