Respawn Entertainment Announces Sleeping Dogs Designer Head of Its Second Studio

Respawn Entertainment

After stumbling over some of the Electronic Arts studios and franchises. Respawn Entertainment became the team that saved the situation thanks to Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The success of the studio led by Vince Zampella was reason enough to launch expansion plans and it was recently confirmed that Respawn already has a second team and headquarters.

A report from confirmed the existence of Respawn Vancouver, a studio based on the Electronic Arts campus in the Canadian city that gives its name. This studio is led by Steven Ferreira, known for being the design director for Sleeping Dogs.

Although the projects taking place at this new headquarters were not disclosed. It is known that, at least initially, it was created to unleash the workload of Respawn Entertainment at its California headquarters. According to Steven Ferreira himself, Respawn Vancouver has an immediate goal of adding 80 creatives after the internal selection process ended.

Likewise, the movement suggests better project management now that Vince Zampella. In addition to Respawn, is head of DICE LA, a studio that is in the process of changing its name and work ideology. Vince Zampella will take over DICE LA with the plan to change the name and identity of the studio to launch a new original project that remains secret.

It is worth mentioning that this studio will operate independently from Respawn Entertainment despite the fact that Zampella will continue to work for the development team that he founded. It will also be independent of DICE’s offices in Stockholm, Sweden. You can check out more video game news here.

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