Rumor: Injustice 3 Will Be Announced Soon

Injustice 3

The official announcement of Injustice 3 could be imminent, according to new rumours. Is it possible that the DC FanDome in August will be used to announce this new title?

Already last month some job advertisements appeared, in which it was pointed out that we will have next-generation offshoots of the two series of Mortal Kombat and Injustice for a short time.

The comic book author Tom Taylor, who may have started to gradually publish the letters of the “Injustice” lettering on the social media platform of Twitter, is currently causing fresh speculation in this direction. This could indicate that Taylor is currently working on another comic for Injustice.

Conversely, the whole thing would mean that the developers of NetherRealm Studios are already working on Injustice 3. Finally, the first two Injustice comics penned by Tom Taylor were released in the form of tie-in projects to get you in the right mood for Injustice and Injustice 2. If the rumors are true, the only question left is when to expect the announcement of the new game.

It is speculated that the digital event of DC FanDome could be used so far as it will take place on August 22, 2020 and, according to official information, there will be some surprises. Then we could also find out whether Injustice 3 will be released for the current systems in addition to the two next-generation consoles of Xbox Series X and PS5.

Let’s wait for an official statement from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment or the developers of NetherRealm Studios.

Rizwan Ahmad
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