PS5 vs. Xbox Series X/S: Sony Has Spent 3 Times as Much on Advertising

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Despite the new PS5 and Xbox Series X/S made their official debut less than a month ago, in the past few hours the first estimates regarding the costs related to Sony and Microsoft’s marketing campaigns have emerged.

According to the data communicated by MediaRadar, the Japanese giant would have spent about three times the price of the Redmond house (in the period from 19 October to 15 November) to sponsor its next-generation PS5 console in the various markets.

Numbers in hand, the amount spent by Sony would be around $15 million dollars, while Microsoft’s marketing campaign would have cost about $5 million dollars. But that’s not all, given that the MediaRadar report found that the Japanese company would have spent more than $7.3 million until launch day, while the Redmond house would have invested just over $3 million dollars until November 10.

Is the success of PlayStation 5, currently sold out all over the world, also due to Sony’s excellent marketing campaign? Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that although Nintendo has not released any new consoles, the recent report revealed that the Kyoto house has also significantly increased advertising costs.

From November 2 to November 15, perhaps also to partially counter the release of the next-gen consoles by Sony and Microsoft, the Big N would have increased the marketing campaign of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite by 138% compared to the previous two weeks.

Obviously, it is difficult to connect the success of a console (compared to the direct opponent) by looking exclusively at advertising costs, especially in this first period, but the situation could soon reverse since in the past few hours Microsoft has anticipated that the marketing campaign “Power Your Dreams” is ready for the next step.