Need for Speed Unbound for PS5 Listed on Neowing with Release Date for December 2


The upcoming Need for Speed Unbound for PS5 has just been listed on the Japanese retailer Neowing. The listing features a stylized logo and screenshots of several cars and December 2 release date. NFS Unbound is expected to launch for next and current gen console as well as PC and will feature a new art style that looks more anime-like. This is a departure from previous Need for Speed titles, which have more realistic visuals.

While Need for Speed Unbound is still mostly about street-racing, it appears to lean towards this direction more than previous games. Players can customize their vehicles with a variety of parts, wraps, and decals. The new game will also feature a new toolkit of visuals and sound effects.

Another rumor is that Need for Speed Unbound will feature a new art style. Criterion Games, the developer behind the original Need for Speed games, is working on Unbound with the game publisher DICE. The studio has previously teamed up with DICE on other titles besides racing, including Burnout Paradise and Hot Pursuit.

The retailer also confirmed that the game will hit current-generation consoles in December. Though there is no release date, reports say that the game should be on store shelves before the end of the year. Neowing also revealed that the game will feature stylized vehicle effects. The game also mentions that it will offer “ultimate street-racing challenge” for gamers.