Mortal Shell First Gameplay Trailer Shows Dark Souls Characteristics

Mortal Shell

FromSoftware formed a style over the years and it brought them to the foreground, reflecting it in Dark Souls. Which became a benchmark for those seeking to try their luck in what we now know as the subgenre Souls. Today, in the framework of the Summer of Gaming, Cold Symmetry has presented the first gameplay trailer of Mortal Shell, a proposal inspired by the legacy of Dark Souls.

Hidetaka Miyazaki’s studio showed that the stories of knights and the Middle Ages had a hidden face and that it was possible to lead players to worlds full of horror, pain, and agony; yes, difficult, but widely enjoyable. It is precisely in such a context that Mortal Shell takes place. An action RPG that will take us to reality about to be consumed by darkness, where the bodies of knights and warriors who tried to confront it lie on the ground.

In the framework of the summer event dedicated to video games. Cold Symmetry showed the first trailer with the gameplay of Mortal Shell. The trailer reveals parts of the combat that confirm its strategic proposal. Where the analysis of the situation and the proper calculation to launch a coup or counterattack will be the difference between dying or surviving.

Taking advantage of the occasion, Cold Symmetry reported that from July 3 a Beta will be held in which you can enjoy the first 2 hours of Mortal Shell. Therefore, the studio asked fans to be aware of the details that will be published on their social media accounts.

Mortal Shell has no release date yet, but its debut is slated for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Rizwan Ahmad
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