Control Will Release on PS5 & Xbox Series X, Remedy Entertainment Confirms

Although the protagonists of today were the new titles that are on the way to PS5 and Xbox Series X. It was also a good opportunity to confirm that some of the great titles of the current-generation consoles will also reach the next-generation of consoles and in the case of Remedy Entertainment, things will be like this with Control.

After the PlayStation 5 launch event, Remedy took advantage of this video game celebration day to announce that its recent game, Control, will also come to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Control supports ray tracing on PC so we may see that in the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions because the next-gen consoles show off this feature.

According to the studio, some details are still to be revealed and regarding this, the studio asked fans to stay tuned as more information will be released soon. But at least the fans can be confident that this renowned installment will be on the next-generation consoles.

Nothing more has been said about what we can expect from Control on the new consoles. Their biggest franchise, Alan Wake, turned 10 in 2020 and they promised a lot of celebrations on the way. However, so far, they have shown nothing more than this tweet about any of the titles they already have in hand or new franchises.

You should also know that The Foundation DLC, currently available on PS4 and PC, will arrive on June 25 on Xbox One. While the AWE expansion will explore the game’s connection to Alan Wake.