Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Will Release This Fall 2020

Mass Effect Trilogy

Electronic Arts launched a host of iconic franchises on the past generation of consoles, including Mass Effect. But, after negative results with Mass Effect Andromeda, we haven’t heard anything about the franchise. Now, that is about to change, as more information emerged today that points to Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered releasing this fall 2020.

In an article on Gamereactor, the remasters of the first 3 games in the BioWare series are real and the best thing is that they will arrive in the fall, which means that they will arrive on the current-generation consoles. In the report, the site indicates that plans to launch it this year continues and that the last update occurred a few weeks ago, so the pandemic apparently did not affect the project’s release.

It must be said that this information is unofficial, as neither Electronic Arts nor BioWare has spoken about the possibility of bringing this galactic franchise back. But, it is not the first time that we hear this type of information. According to journalist Jeff Grubb, the trilogy was already in development.

Electronic Arts have not denied this information, but you should know that a few weeks ago it mentioned that it has prepared several remasters, which would arrive before April 2021, something that would coincide with the rumors about the launch of the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered in the fall of this year.

We also remind you that the Electronic Arts mid-year event will be held shortly, so it is possible that we will learn more about this project during the presentation.

Late last year, journalist Jason Schreier shared information that BioWare is already working on Mass Effect 4. As we tell you, it is very likely that in the EA Play LIVE event, Electronic Arts will share more details, so we invite you not to miss our coverage of all events.

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