Capcom Vancouver Wanted To Make A New Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis Remake

Although its remake story focuses on Resident Evil, Capcom’s results from those games have been enough for fans yearning for the return of some of their favorite franchises to think that this might be possible, perhaps not in form of remake, but if for a reboot or of a sequel.

In recent years, many players have recalled for the return of Dino Crisis, but the Japanese company has not mentioned anything at all. But years ago this could have happened as Capcom Vancouver put its hands on the franchise.

The recent episode of DidYouKnowGaming was dedicated to Capcom Vancouver and its story of success and the fall of the hand of Dead Rising, a franchise that enjoyed success in its first installments and positioned the studio as one of the best at that time.

Inside the Canadian-based Capcom studio, there were not only the installments we know about Dead Rising developed. But different projects that did not release, as an attempt to compete with The Last of Us through a reboot from the zombie franchise that was powered by Xbox.

But not everything was there, because during its moment of greatest splendor and the one in which things were not going well. Capcom Vancouver presented projects to Capcom from various IPs and one of them was Dino Crisis. We don’t know if this game was a reboot or the expected remake, but it is a fact that the studio presented a preview to Capcom managers in Japan who decided not to give the project to release.

Similarly, the Capcom Vancouver story revealed that the studio also worked on a mobile version of Pocket Fighter. A new game inspired by Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, a traditional-style Mega Man, and even a Lost Planet reboot. Unfortunately, it seems that the fate of Capcom Vancouver had already been cast because Capcom of Japan did not approve any of its projects and after the fall in sales and popularity of Dead Rising, it decided to close the studio.

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