Resident Evil 8 Will Feature Three Playable Protagonists

Resident Evil

The rumors surrounding Resident Evil 8 are increasing and it is thought that this is a sign of its imminent announcement; after all, it is not a franchise whose titles take so long to come to the market.

It is said that on June 11, in the context of the PlayStation 5 event, the new installment of the Capcom zombie franchise will be seen for the first time and alleged details regarding its game proposal were recently revealed.

For some time now, the insider Dusk Golem has become a credible source regarding what will happen to Resident Evil and after stating that he is almost certain that Resident Evil 8 will be presented at the PS5 event, he took the opportunity to reveal some details regarding the video game proposal.

In that sense, the insider and Twitter user pointed out that the new installment of Resident Evil 8 will put us in control of three Playable Protagonists, the first of them named Ethan who will be the protagonist for just over half the game.

Subsequently, Resident Evil 8 will allow us to control a second protagonist for just over a quarter and in the end, we will have the command of a third character. According to the insider, the highlight of this proposal is that each character will be handled differently. Obviously, this suggests something similar to Resident Evil 6, although with more development in gameplay.

The use of more than one character in Resident Evil is no stranger to the franchise, in fact it is part of the foundations on which it was built, so it would not be unusual for the new installment to take back some essential elements and take them in new directions.

Rizwan Ahmad
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