Last of Us Part II: Naughty Dog Asks Fans Not To Spread Spoilers

Last of Us Part II

One of the stories that have been much talked about these days is that someone had leaked The Last of Us Part II and several spoilers are already circulating on the Internet. Given this, Naughty Dog sent a statement in which it asked the fans not to share spoilers of the game.

Through its official Twitter account, Naughty Dog sent a message acknowledging the recent leak and noting that it has been a difficult time for them. This is why the company has asked the community to avoid sharing this type of information.

Last of Us Part II: Naughty Dog Asks Fans Not To Spread Spoilers

“We know the last few days have been incredibly difficult for you. We feel the same. It’s disappointing to see the release and sharing of pre-release footage from development. Do your best to avoid spoilers and we ask that you don’t spoil it for others,” the studio mentioned.

In the statement, Naughty Dog also asked fans to be patient. This it did by ensuring that it is not long before they will have The Last of Us Part II in their hands. Furthermore, they mentioned that the final experience will be worth it.

“The Last of Us Part II will be in your hands soon. No matter what you see and hear, the final experience will be worth it,” concluded Naughty Dog.

The leaked information is said to be shared by a Naughty Dog employee that was first published on Reddit and then on YouTube via videos. Although the published videos were removed in a short time, the dialogues and screenshots of the game’s story spread over the internet in a short time.

If you are planning to play or watch the game before proceeding with these leaks, let us state that it contains major spoilers that can ruin the gaming experience. So, we will urge you to avoid it as long as you can.

The Last of Us: Part II will release on June 19, 2020, exclusively for PlayStation 4. And what do you think about this message? Tell us in the comments below.

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