Epic Games Store Next Week’s Free Games are Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands

Amnesia The Dark Descent

Epic Games has the well-known habit of giving away free weekly games and today there was a new rotation in their roster, a new game was released and the following was announced: For the King is already available and Amnesia: The Dark Descent along with Crashlands will be available for free from next week.

Let’s start with this week’s free game. For the King is a turn-based combat and dungeon exploration strategy title, in the style of a classic dice role-playing game. You can venture alone, with friends, online and/or cooperative.

Now, what’s next? Amnesia: The Dark Descent is without a doubt a classic horror among video games. Launched in 2010 and hugely popularized by PewDiePie in later years. You play a waking person trapped in a castle full of horrors, remembering virtually nothing of your past, desperate to find out the secrets that hide beneath you and find a way to escape.

Finally, Crashlands will be free next week also. It is an ARPG (an RPG with real-time combat) title in which you play a galactic truck stranded on a planet after being attacked. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the planet are hostile, so you must craft new weapons and equipment to survive and end the threat.

What do you think about the free titles offered by Epic Games Store? Tell us in the comments below.

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