Director “Would Love To Do More” With the Sequel of Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog movie

Despite the controversy that it generated at some point in its production, Sonic the Hedgehog movie ended up being a success. It captivated fans and managed to get the blue hedgehog back to close-ups, which had been denied with its recent video games.

Being one of the box office hits of the year, the obvious question is when will a sequel be ready? However, it seems that we are far from that happening.

Director “Would Love To Do More” With the Sequel of Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

During an interview with Usa Today, Jeff Fowler, director of Sonic the Hedgehog movie, spoke about the franchise’s position in the cinema now that its first movie was cataloged as a success and even more so as a video game adaptation.

Initially, Fowler made it clear that, so far, there are no plans for a sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog, so it cannot be taken for granted that it is a sure thing despite the success of the film. Despite this, the director assured that there is a lot of content in the SEGA franchise to pass up the opportunity and pointed out that, if possible, he would like to make a cinematographic universe that addresses the stories of other characters.

In that sense, the director said the following: “There’s so many more great characters to bring in and just more stories to tell. (But) nothing would bring me more happiness than getting another shot with these characters and to tell more stories. We’d love to do more with the Sonic cinematic universe.”

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