KONAMI Releases Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater Announcement Trailer

Metal Gear Solid Delta
Image Credits: Konami

At last, the long-rumored remake of one of the most iconic stealth games in gaming history is finally official. During today’s PlayStation Showcase, Konami revealed a new Metal Gear Solid title, titled Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater. The game was developed by the team at Kojima Productions, but series creator Hideo Kojima is not involved in this version of the 2004 game.

The cinematic trailer – which did not include gameplay – starts with ants crawling toward a dead frog, which is then whisked away by a bird. After soaring over a foggy swamp, it lands on a log, where snakes and crocodiles battle each other. It then zooms over the top of the food chain, revealing Big Boss (aka Naked Snake) himself.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much, it did promise “unprecedented graphics” and immersive new gameplay. The tense and suspenseful story of MGS3 will also get an upgrade, according to the trailer.

As for the name of the remake, Konami explains that “Delta” is chosen because it means “change or difference without changing structure.” The game will be released on PS5 but will also make its way to PC and Xbox Series X|S, according to the Konami website. The original voice cast is also set to return, including David Hayter as Snake. This is a welcome return for many fans, who felt that Sutherland’s portrayal of the character fell flat in MGS5: The Phantom Pain.