Jurassic World Aftermath New Game Trademarked

Jurassic World Aftermath

Jurassic World Aftermath was recently trademarked and it seems that the game could be very well in development. It is also reported that the game could have a connection to a previously canceled title.

Jurassic Park is one of the most successful and beloved franchises. But in the field of video games, it has not yet found a way to take it to the front like many other games. In recent times, fans have been able to enjoy simulation and management experiences thanks to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and Jurassic World: Evolution, proposals.

That seems to offset the desire to see the park in action, something that is not so common in the movies. That said, it appears that a new project of the franchise is underway based on trademark registration.

According to a trademark, which shows a Universal Studios brand registration, Jurassic World Aftermath is the next title that could be the next game in the franchise after the debut of Jurassic World: Evolution in 2018.

Although the registry itself does not offer details about the proposal. The information makes it clear that it is a video game since it is located in the computer software sector and includes all the necessary references. So that it is legally covered in case it is a title for mobile, consoles or PC.

In this regard, the report points to the ideas that are already being formed. And there are those who consider that Jurassic World Aftermath could be the return of the Jurassic World Survivor project.

An open world and survival title that was developed by Cryptic Studios Seattle until the studio disappeared in 2016. However, since that year there are rumors that the project is still alive.

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