Insurgency: Sandstorm Pre-Order for Xbox One Starts Now

Xbox One players can now finally start pre-ordering the Insurgency Sandstorm game from the Microsoft store.
Insurgency Sandstorm

In February earlier this year, publisher Focus Home Interactive announced the console release date for the Insurgency Sandstorm. The publisher confirmed that the team-based, tactical FPS Insurgency Sandstorm will be available for Xbox One and PS4 on August 25, 2020. Now, Xbox One players can finally start pre-ordering the Insurgency Sandstorm game from the Microsoft store. Today, Insurgency official twitter account announced that the Insurgency Sandstorm is now available for digital pre-order on Xbox One and PS4 from the Microsft store.

Now, if you have been waiting for the game to pre-order then you make the order right from the Microsoft store for $39.99. Please note that pre-ordering Insurgency Sandstorm now for Xbox One or PS4 will also get early access to the beta and two bonus skin packs: the Warlord and the Peacemaker!

The Insurgency Sandstorm comes with the following in-game features.

  • Team up in intense co-operative gameplay
  • Compete in objective-based PVP matches
  • Get immersed with realistic ballistics and stunning attention to detail
  • Fully customize your character and weapons
  • Unprecedented audio design with positional voice-chat for a heart-pounding atmosphere

The publisher has also noted that the Digital pre-orders on the PlayStation Store for pS4 and physical pre-orders at participating retailers will soon be available.

Below you can watch the official console release announcement trailer.

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Insurgency: Sandstorm – Console Release Date Trailer

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