Ex-Sony Developer Says Power of Xbox Series X is “Quite Staggering”

Ex-Sony Developer Chris Grannell said that some developers told him that the difference in power of Xbox Series X compared to PS5 is "quite staggering".
Xbox Series X

Will the console war return? Just when that stage was thought surpassed, the recent revelations of specifications of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have once again divided fans and social networks that have been the field of debate and battle for those who think that this or that console will be the best. Amidst so many mixed opinions, voices familiar with the industry have emerged; pointing out the advantages of both systems, and today it was the turn of the creative man who was the designer of Sony, who revealed something interesting.

Chris Grannell, who was a designer at Sony and participated in the development of games like Killzone 2 and Wipeout, responded to a Twitter post noting that, after talking to some developers, they told him that the difference in power of Xbox Series X compared to PS5 is “quite staggering”.

However, before these words are taken incorrectly, Grannell himself pointed out that the same creatives highlighted the possibilities that exist with PS5 and that the greater power of the Microsoft console does not mean that the good games cannot be made for the console of Sony.

Also, Grannell pointed out that this last mention, that is about the possibilities of PS5, is something that fans are not seeing at the moment and that has led them to think in extreme ways regarding what will happen with the new Sony console and the hardware differences it has with Xbox Series X.

Moment of contrasts without a doubt, a clear example of this is the information shared by Jason Schreier, a journalist from Kotaku, who pointed out that developers think that PS5 will be superior to Xbox Series X in many aspects.

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