Insider Says Resident Evil 7 & Devil May Cry 5 Could Release on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Resident Evil 7

Capcom’s habit of taking its games to new generations is long-standing. Whether through the remake, remaster format or a simple port that allows video games in its series to run smoothly on the new game machines. According to a new set of information, the next two will be Resident Evil 7 and Devil May Cry 5, two blockbusters of great success on the current Xbox One and PS4.

We are about to start the ninth generation of consoles with the launch of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Which obviously arouses immense interest from everyone involved in the industry, however, there is an important difference to consider.

Unlike previous generations where publishers thrived on old game ports for the most current console. The PS5 and Xbox Series have backward compatibility as a communication pillar. That is, the guarantee that previous console games will run smoothly on new ones, without having to buy the game again.

The case of the Xbox Series X is, even more, striking thanks to Smart Delivery, a feature that ensures that the game runs on any of the brand’s consoles, with visible improvements depending on the platform that players are using. It is true that it is optional for the studios, but being a completely free feature and with a long list of compatible games, we suspect that it will quickly become something demanded by consumers.

Dusk Golem, the insider on Twitter revealed everything related to the Resident Evil series, left a clear sign about Capcom’s intentions to bring both games to the next generation.

When one of his followers questioned him about previous information, which spoke of the transition from Resident Evil 7 and Devil May Cry 5 to the next generation, Dusk Golem revealed that these were a mix of things he heard and a hunch of his own. He says he has received confirmation in the meantime but plans to leave any announcements to official sources in a few weeks.

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