Pokemon Sword and Shield Event Planned for Tomorrow

Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Pokemon Company announced a new special event on the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansions for this Wednesday, tomorrow.

The broadcast will include details about the games’ season pass, made up of the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions, and is scheduled to start at 6:00 AM PDT. The content can be followed through YouTube.

The first part of the expansion pack, Isle of Amor officially arrives this Wednesday, June 17. Isle of Armor will feature a completely new region for players to explore, as well as new monsters and challenges.

Among the new Pokemon are the Slowbro of Galar and Gigantamax versions of Venusaur and Blastoise. The legendary Urshifu and its two evolutions will also be available from the launch of the DLC.

The second part of the expansion, Crown Tundra, does not yet have a confirmed release date. The content, however, is predicted for the autumn of the northern hemisphere, which points to launch sometime between September and December this year.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are DLC expansions, Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, get level scaling, which means Pokemon trainers of every level (who have reached the first Wild Area) can immediately access the new DLC content.

For now, we don’t know yet if the DLC areas will further adapt to your level during your adventure, or if it will take a starting point when you enter the area, but we will keep an eye on this.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can follow up on all the latest Nintendo Switch news and games here.