Horizon Forbidden West Gets New Information on Locations, Enemies and More

Horizon Forbidden West

For many PlayStation fans, the announcement of Horizon Forbidden West should have been a highlight of Sony’s PS5 event. Now new information about the game has emerged.

These come from the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM), in which the upcoming game of Killzone makers by Guerrilla Games is treated as one of the magazine’s major topics. As part of the article, developers of Horizon Forbidden West revealed some new details to their OPM colleagues about their upcoming action RPG.

As the first trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive title was already shown, Aloy will come to San Francisco in the next chapter of Horizon Forbidden West. The makers confirmed the US West Coast metropolis again as one of the locations of the game and also indicated that the young actress would also be able to explore the Yosemite Valley.

In addition, there will be a character or a monster in San Francisco, more precisely at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, which has meanwhile fallen into decay in the Horizon world. According to the developers, there will probably be an important role within the story of Horizon Forbidden West. The figure is called a metal devil, but more details about it are not yet known.

Furthermore, the OPM report reveals that a major threat in the PS5 game is so-called superstorms, which should cause all kinds of chaos and destruction. The devastation caused by these natural events is even capable of completely submerging parts of the game world. Fortunately, as the first Horizon Forbidden West trailer showed, Aloy can now dive.

Flooding is not the only problem that these superstorms would cause. The report states that they are also responsible for the disease known as the red plague, which affects the flora and fauna in Horizon Forbidden West. The storms and all their consequences are likely to play a major role in the upcoming action RPG.

But Aloy will not only have to beware of floods and the red plague, new enemy types should also find their way into the game. According to the developers, a new species is probably called Sunwing will be revealed. As the name suggests, these are capable of flying, and their wings consist of solar cells.