Resident Evil Village: Details on VR Support, Boss Fight, Weapons & More Leaked

Resident Evil Village

There are new rumors about Capcom’s upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil Village on the web. These could provide new information about opponents, inventory and weapons.

Since we saw the first trailer for Resident Evil Village as part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 event, now, new leak is circulating on the net, which could provide fresh information on the eighth main part of the “Resident Evil” series. However, since all of these are only unconfirmed rumors, skepticism is appropriate. Nevertheless, a clear spoiler warning should be given at this point as a precaution.

As Rely on Horror reports, which in turn relate to BioHazard Declassifed, an event has probably recently taken place at which selected players have already been able to play a “village” demo. A supposed playtester then forwarded the information to BioHazard Declassified, which included some details on enemies and weapons, inventory, potential PlayStation VR support and more.

The standard opponents in the game, according to the alleged Playtester, are pale and have tattoos on some parts of the body. Other opponents would have worn armor that could be shot down. The behavior of the enemies is reminiscent of Resident Evil 3 Remake, so they would jump, grab and bite the player. In addition, it is possible to be knocked down by opponents. An enemy type is armed with a sword and could behead Ethan with one hit.

A boss fight of the playable section was against one of the “witches” already seen in the trailer. This had the name “Olga” and could put insects on the player, which would have to be driven away by fire. In addition, Olga can turn into an insect or spider-like creature after she has been dealt enough damage. The demo ended after the fight.

The weapons in the demo version have meanwhile largely presented itself as classic. Ethan had a pistol, a shotgun, and an indestructible knife. He could also pick up other melee weapons, such as “an ax”, which would break after a few hits.

The inventory is meanwhile a mixture of “RE4” and “RE7” designs. Furthermore, as with Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake, the game would pause if the player was in the inventory menu. Incidentally, normal opponents did not drop any items in the demo, they were only found in destructible objects such as vases.

A seller should also find a way into the game, such as in Resident Evil 4. This time, Ethan could acquire new items and rumors from a mysterious old woman, who is said to be a character who was already seen in the trailer.

After the demo ended, the playtesters were told that many things they had seen were not yet final. This applies to both the normal enemies in the game and Olga, whose dialog lines are said not to have been included. As it was already rumored previously, VR support for Resident Evil Village is currently being planned, but it cannot be revealed yet.

In conclusion, the report says that a new trailer for Resident Evil Village is expected in the coming month, in which the story of the game will be “clearer” and “another returning character” will be revealed. In addition, there is talk of a ‘different twist’ in the upcoming video.

Although some things sound relatively plausible, such as the information about the weapons or the new information about Olga and not least potential VR support for the game, this unconfirmed information should be viewed with due precaution.

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