WoW Dragonflight: Love is in the Air Guide 2024

Image: r/wow, Reddit

World of Warcraft’s “Love is in the Air” event is an annual celebration that captivates players with its themed quests, rewards, and activities. In 2024, the event introduces new dynamics and updates to enhance the festive atmosphere across Azeroth. This guide delves into the key aspects of the event, offering insights into how to maximize your participation and rewards during this love-filled period.

What is WoW Love is in the Air Event

The “Love is in the Air” event in World of Warcraft for 2024 is a themed celebration that occurs annually around Valentine’s Day, inviting players across Azeroth to participate in various activities, earn unique rewards, and thwart the plans of the nefarious Crown Chemical Co. This event is marked by festive decorations in capital cities, special daily quests, and the opportunity to collect Love Tokens, which can be exchanged for event-specific items like mounts, pets, toys, and cosmetic apparel.

“Love is in the Air” represents a time for World of Warcraft players to come together in celebration, offering both fun thematic content and challenges that emphasize community and cooperation. Whether engaging in the pursuit of love-themed loot, battling against the Crown Chemical Co., or simply enjoying the festive atmosphere, this event adds a layer of seasonal charm to the world of Azeroth.

What’s New Coming to the WoW “Love is in the Air 2024?

Love is in the Air 2024” festoons the capital cities with decorations, introduces new quests, achievements, and the chance to engage in romantic endeavors or battle against the nefarious Crown Chemical Co. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the festivities, this event offers something for everyone, from heartwarming quests to challenging encounters and the pursuit of unique event-only rewards.

New Daily Quest and Achievement

The 2024 event features a new daily quest titled “Getaway to Scenic Feralas!” that tasks players with delivering lost gifts at the Steam Pools Resorts. Completing these deliveries earns players Love Tokens, which are essential for purchasing event-specific rewards like pets, cosmetics, and mounts. Additionally, a new achievement, “Love Language Expert,” is introduced for those who complete the gift delivery tasks​​.

New Quests:

  • Take a Look Around
  • Getaway to Scenic Feralas!
  • The Gift of Relaxation

Rewards and Collectibles

Love Tokens are the currency of the event, obtainable through daily quests and defeating Apothecary Hummel. These tokens can be exchanged for various rewards, including the Swift Lovebird, X-45 Heartbreaker mounts, and the Romantic Picnic Basket toy. Players can also earn Lovely Charm Bracelets, which are exchangeable for Love Tokens, by defeating enemies that yield experience or honor​​.

Apparel and Dress Code

The event offers Lovely Dress Boxes and Dinner Suit Boxes, containing random Lovely Dresses or Dinner Suits, respectively. These items add a festive touch to the celebration, allowing players to dress up for the occasion​​.

70,000 Gold Donation for an Achievement

A notable addition in 2024 is the “Support Your Local Artisansachievement, requiring players to donate 70,000 gold to the Artisan’s Consortium. This hefty donation earns players 10 achievement points, albeit the reward has received mixed reactions from the community due to its high cost for relatively low return​​.


“Love is in the Air” in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight offers a blend of romantic quests, challenging encounters, and the pursuit of exclusive rewards. The 2024 event enriches the experience with new quests, achievements, and the opportunity to contribute to the in-game economy through the gold donation achievement. Whether participating in the festivities for love, camaraderie, or the thrill of the hunt, this event ensures that love is truly in the air across Azeroth.


  • How can I earn Love Tokens?
    • Complete daily quests, defeat Apothecary Hummel, and turn in Lovely Charm Bracelets​​.
  • What are the new features of the 2024 event?
    • A new daily quest, “Getaway to Scenic Feralas,” and the “Love Language Expert” achievement​​.
  • How can I participate in the gold donation for the “Support Your Local Artisans” achievement?
    • Donate gold to representatives of the Artisan’s Consortium located in Stormwind for Alliance and outside Orgrimmar for Horde​​.
  • Can I obtain event rewards after the event concludes?
    • Event-specific rewards are typically only available during the event, so it’s crucial to participate before it ends.