DualSense Controller Official Linux Drivers Available Soon

DualSense Controller

Although the configuration of the mouse and keyboard is the standard one for those who interface to the world of video games on PC, there are still a large number of games that work best with a controller (just think of the Dark Souls series). For this reason, many Linux users will be happy to learn that the official driver for the DualSense controller of PlayStation 5 will be available soon.

The open-source operating system has been supporting Sony products for some time, thanks to the hid-sony drivers, but according to the Phoronix website, Sony released the new hid-PlayStation drivers over the weekend which allows you to use DualSense in Linux in both USB and Bluetooth mode.

Also included in the new drivers is official support for controller LEDs, motion sensors, touchpad, battery, and rumble. Much like DualSense support to Steam added last month, however, the controller’s next-generation haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will not be supported.

Additionally, while the hid-PlayStation drivers are technically not yet available for regular download as they are still under review, interested users can still try any of the thirteen patches currently available.

While it may be some time before the average Linux user is able to properly use the new drivers, the fact that this is being worked on will be appreciated by many gamers. DualSense is widely considered to be one of the best features of Sony’s new home console and generally one of the best controllers out there today.

With a little patience, it will soon be available for all Linux users.

Rizwan Ahmad
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