LoL 14.4 Patch PBE Datamine: Bring Changes to Rek’Sai, Bard, K’Sante and Support Item

League of Legends

The League of Legends Patch 14.4 PBE cycle has brought significant changes to champions like Rek’Sai, Bard, and K’Sante, as well as updates to various support items. These adjustments were unveiled through the efforts of the data miner ‘FrankTheBoxMonster’ on Reddit, who meticulously analyzed the patch data to share these insights with the community.

The League of Legends Patch 14.4 PBE cycle introduces a variety of significant changes affecting champions like Rek’Sai, Bard, and K’Sante, as well as alterations to support items. Here’s a summary of the key adjustments:


Rek’Sai sees a mix of changes, notably shifting towards more magic damage. Her Unburrowed Q now grants increased attack speed, and her Burrowed Q damage type changes from physical to magic. The W skill enhances mobility and vision while transitioning its damage type to magic, allowing it to knock up all targets hit. Changes to E reduce cooldowns and modify damage outputs, and her ultimate’s bonus AD ratio is decreased​​.


Bard’s adjustments focus on tweaking his base stats and damage outputs. His armor growth is slightly reduced, base attack speed is increased, and the damage output from his abilities sees adjustments to encourage a more nuanced playstyle​​.


K’Sante receives a health increase and changes to his W and E abilities, aimed at adjusting his resilience and mobility. These changes are likely to affect his presence in the game, particularly in professional play​​.

Support Items

Significant updates are also made to support items, including changes to recharge times and stats for items like World Atlas, Runic Compass, and Bounty of Worlds. Notably, the changes aim to fine-tune the balance and quality of life for these items, affecting gameplay strategies​​​​.

LoL Patch 14.4 PBE Champion Changes



  • stats:
    • armor growth:  5.2 –> 5.0
    • attack speed base/ratio:  0.625 –> 0.658
  • P:
    • Meep damage:
      • old:  35 +14 per 5 Chimes +30% AP
      • new:  35 +10 per 5 Chimes +40% AP
  • Q:
    • migrated to use data values instead of effect amounts
    • damage:
      • old:  80-260 +65% AP
      • new:  80-240 +80% AP


  • Tentacle damage tooltip updated to reflect 14.3 changes (might not show up on 14.3 tooltips but actual effect is working correctly)


  • stats:
    • base health:  570 –> 610
  • W:
    • damage resist scaling:  50% –> 60%
    • All Out min charge time:  0.5s –> 0.75s  (now same as default W)
  • E:
    • ground target dash speed:  1500 –> 1000
    • ally target dash speed:  1800 –> 1700
    • All Out ground target dash speed:  2100 –> 1600
    • unknown calc added:  1200 +100% tMS  (this also looks like a dash speed of some sort, could be that it will replace one of the above, or that it’s a leftover change from testing)


  • stats:
    • health growth:  99 –> 105
    • health regen:  7.5 +0.65  –>  5.0 +0.5
    • move speed:  335 –> 340
  • P:
    • now generates x0.5 Fury from minions
    • total healing from 100 Fury:
      • base:  10 –> removed
      • tHP scaling:  2%-10% lerp  –>  12%-20% lerp
  • Unburrowed Q:
    • now grants 45% attack speed while active
    • some sort of change regarding the windup and winddown times of the attacks, unsure what exactly it’s doing though but it seems like it will roughly now have a faster windup on the attacks themselves and a longer winddown between attacks (on live, the windup is a fixed 0.25s and the winddown is noticeably shorter than expected)
  • Burrowed Q:
    • damage type:  physical –> magic
    • damage:
      • base:  60-200 –> 50-170
      • bAD scaling:  50% –> 25%
      • AP scaling:  70% (unchanged)
    • cooldown:  12s-10s –> 10s constant
      • this one might be unintentional, there’s a copypasted data value saying the burrowed cooldown should be unchanged, but the spell and effect itself is currently changed
  • W:
    • burrow bonus speed:
      • old:  5 / 10 / 15 @ 1 / 6 / 11
      • new:  5-25 by spell rank
    • burrow vision loss:  -75% –> -65%
      • base vision range is 1350, so total burrowed vision is 337.5 –> 472.5
    • no longer reduces attack range to 75
    • damage type:  physical –> magic
    • damage:
      • base:  50-190 –> 50-150
      • bAD scaling:  80% –> removed
      • now scales with 80% AP
    • now knocks up all targets hit (applying the same 10s immunity as the primary target), instead of only the primary target being knocked up and secondary targets knocked back
  • Unburrowed E:
    • cooldown:  12s –> 10s
    • damage:
      • base:  5-25 –> removed
      • tAD scaling:  70% –> 100%
    • max Fury bonus:
      • old:  x2.0 damage and convert to true damage
      • new:  additional 6%-14% (by spell rank) target tHP (amp and true damage removed)
        • percent health capped against monsters to 60-400 lerp
  • Burrowed E:
    • cooldown:  26s-18s –> 16s-12s
    • tunnel recharge time:  10s-2s –> 6s-2s
    • tunneling seems much faster now (initial delay removed, and dash speed increased? hard to tell cause the data is all shuffled now)
  • R:
    • damage bAD scaling:  175% –> 100%
    • there are new data values for possible scrapped changes that would have changed the target’s missing health scaling to max health scaling, as well as briefly slowed afterwards, however these currently appear unused


  • Q tether range:  1000 –> 900
    • this is kinda weird, as Q missile itself is 800 center range with an 80 edge range lollipop (equivalent to 945 center range vs average targets), so now it’ll be possible to hit a max range Q but then instantly break the tether? doesn’t seem to be compensation from changing the tether to edge range, it’s still center range (edit: per Riot endstep it is intended to be edge range, but that half of the change is not yet on PBE)
  • R has more changes to try to show its passive healing increase correctly after the recent changes
    • they really don’t have to implement it in such an error prone way, they have the tools to keep it all in one nice place and accessible from both P and R tooltips but they aren’t using them properly, so they end up with these issues every single time they change the healing values


World Atlas:

  • recharge time:  18s –> 20s
  • gold per 10s:  3 (unchanged)

Runic Compass:

  • recharge time:  18s –> 20s
  • gold per 10s:  5 –> 4

Bounty of Worlds:

  • health:  100 –> 200
  • health regen:  50% –> 75%
  • mana regen:  50% –> 75%
  • these values now match all of the upgrades, which are free at this point anyways, so really it’s just QOL so that you aren’t losing stats if you don’t upgrade immediately


  • ranged damage amp:  6% –> 5%
    • melee damage amp unchanged at 10%

Solstice Sleigh:

  • speed buff:  90 flat speed decaying over 4s  –>  30% speed decaying over 3s
  • healing:  120 constant –> 7% tHP

Zaz’Zak’s Realmspike:

  • damage:
    • old:  50 +15% AP +3% target tHP
    • new:  20 +20% AP +4% target tHP
      • tooltip now notes the AP scaling (was previously factoring it into the total but not displaying it, actual effect unchanged)
  • cooldown:
    • old:  9s-6s lerp 1-18
    • new:  8s / 7s / 6s @ 1 / 11 / 16
    • comparison:  image (tldr only minor change, since it takes a few levels to get the item in the first place)

 Hydra items:

  • range indicator is now offset 100 units forward to match the hitbox


  • tooltip corrected to no longer claim to deal 20% target health damage (actual effect was already 8% melee, 4% ranged like intended)

Luden’s Companion

  • can now be searched for using “gun” (was already searchable with “boomstick”)


  • tooltip now notes “basic attack damage cannot trigger Hatefog”
    • see comment

Rapid Firecannon:

  • can now be searched for using “gun” (was already searchable with “rfc”, “rapidfire” (no space), and “canon” [sic])


  • can now be searched for using “bow” and “sentinel”

This patch is part of the game’s continuous efforts to maintain balance and introduce fresh dynamics into gameplay. As always, these changes are subject to further adjustments before the official release, reflecting Riot Games’ commitment to ensuring a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players. For those interested in the detailed changes and their potential impact on gameplay, keeping an eye on community feedback and professional analysis as the patch goes live will be beneficial.

For more detailed insights into these changes, including community reactions and deeper analysis, the sources from​​, Sportskeeda​​, and Z League​​ provide comprehensive overviews and discussions.