Days of Thunder Game for Nintendo NES Discovered After 30 Years

Days of Thunder Game

The passage of time has allowed some secrets of gaming to be discovered and little by little we know more about projects that never came to fruition despite being in an advanced phase. Recently, the Video Game History Foundation found the code for an NES game that was never released, at least not in its original version, and that was based on the 1990 movie Days of Thunder, starring Tom Cruise.

According to a report shared by Nintendo Life, the finding of the NES Days of Thunder game code as planned and developed for the Nintendo console by Chris Oberth. A developer whose history in video games dates back to Apple II and various electronic platforms.

According to the information, after Oberth’s death in 2012, his family donated all of the creator’s floppy disks, CDs, and hard drives to the Video Game History Foundation. With the material in its possession, the foundation began to review each piece and the investigation allowed to find 21 floppy disks in which the original version of Days of Thunder created by Oberth was found.

According to the official story, this is the game that should be released on NES. But for some reason the company Mindscape decided to make a change and delivered a different title, although with the theme of the movie.

As a result of the above, and since Oberth had not revealed anything for decades. It was believed that the code of that unpublished NES game was lost forever. But, fortunately, it was not so and now the Video Game History Foundation has rescued a piece of video game history.

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You can check its video below.

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