SEGA Fog Gaming Will Turn Arcades Into Data Centers


Yesterday some preliminary details about SEGA’s big announcement were released: Fog Gaming. Now, with the official information published, we know for sure what the objective of this project is. Fog Gaming is a proposal that will harness the power of the arcade video games in Japan to turn each of the machines into a data center. With this, SEGA seeks to take a step in cloud technology.

Also, Fog Gaming will not be a streaming service for the arcades. As its goal is to be a low-cost infrastructure to solve various problems related to cloud technology. Fog Gaming will help to have low-cost data centers that will cover a large area of ​​Japan, where arcades are still very popular.

The infrastructure will not occupy a large additional space to operate, nor will it require large maintenance costs, since it will use the power of the arcades to operate.

The same would seek to reduce lag to less than 1 millisecond for subsequent applications taking advantage of the cloud. SEGA’s purpose is to use arcades with new generation boards that would function as data centers in the cloud at the same time.

In this way, arcade centers would still be useful even when closed. The long-term plan is for more companies to use the infrastructure for their services and applications that use the cloud.

Thus, as Frontline Gaming Japan points out, Fog Gaming will not be a streaming service nor will it require the necessary renewal of the current arcades for its operation, since it is more viable for new generation plates.

As we told you originally, this infrastructure and technology are designed for now for Japan. SEGA is still working on the project and the development of the new boards, so it will take a while for their application to arrive.