Xbox Series X Will Have 70% More Airflow Compared to Xbox One

Chris Kujawski, the hardware designer of Microsoft, spoke about the Xbox Series X and revealed that we will get 70 per cent more airflow through this console than the Xbox One.
Xbox Series X

For a few generations of consoles, the challenge for companies has been to effectively deal with heat dissipation and find the right design that prevents high temperatures from affecting hardware, something that has taken its toll on the first models. Fortunately, Microsoft has paid special attention to this topic for the development of Xbox Series X and recently Chris Kujawski spoke about the work that the creators of the console have done.

During an interview with Digital Foundry, Chris Kujawski, the hardware designer of Microsoft, spoke about the work done by the Xbox Series X development team to adequately deal with heat dissipation. Initially, the creative noted that important detail has been moving a large amount of air in silence and the key to making this happen optimally on the console is in the blades: “With all that power, you have to move a lot of air and you want to move it quietly.

We studied many different ways of doing air movement in a product and a single axial fan was the most efficient, the quietest air mover for our system… we do a bunch of customisations here, so the number of blades, particularly the blade geometry, is highly, highly optimised to operate within the confines of our system.”

Subsequently, Kujawski referred in comparative terms to the heat dissipation in Xbox Series X compared to that of Xbox One and assured that it will far exceed what was done in the current Microsoft console: “We also have to have good air into the enclosure, so you have certain venting and large holes.

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You have exhaust out the top and we have large venting holes, but the net effect of putting all of this together, having parallel paths, having this really powerful quiet fan at the top, is that we get 70 per cent more airflow through this console than the past generation and we get 20 per cent more airflow through our heatsink alone than in the past generation.”

Remember that in this link you will find all the information related to Xbox Series X, the new Microsoft console that will release at the end of this year.

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