Resident Evil Second Netflix Series with Milla Jovovich Could Be in Development

Resident Evil Second Netflix Series

The rumors and leaks in film and TV move differently than in video games and when there is information about it, it is almost certainly true information waiting to be confirmed. Today, Resident Evil fans erupted with joy to learn that Netflix has plans for a series tied to the horrifying and dark origins of the franchise. However, it seems that those who liked the movies starring Milla Jovovich will also receive good news.

According to a report by We Got This Covered, the plans of Netflix for Resident Evil include a second series that would be focused on the action proposal that was handled in the movie franchise. In this sense, the sources that revealed this information, very reliable after their other rumors were confirmed, pointed out that the production of this series will be independent and will coexist with the one that had already been planned. They also indicated that the main objective of the production is to reach an agreement with the model and actress Milla Jovovich to interpret Alice, Umbrella’s project again.

Moreover, sources noted that in terms of story, the Resident Evil action series will continue the events of the movies, hence the interest in Jovovich being the protagonist. So far, those are the only details revealed about an alleged second series in Capcom’s zombie franchise for Netflix.

It seems that a good time is coming for Resident Evil in terms of its proposals outside of video games because, along with the information on these, now 2 series, there is great expectation for the reboot of film that will try to capture on the big screen the franchise roots located in the pure Survival Horror.

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