WWE 2K21 Confirmed To Be Cancelled

WWE 2K21

Although the 2K Sports division has made a name for itself thanks to its quality in sports games. This does not mean that it is not subject to failure and unfortunately one of its traditional franchises is going through a very bad time. So much so that there will be no title for this year. We are talking about WWE 2K21, the popular wrestling game that will not have a 2021 edition.

After the disaster that was faced by WWE 2K20, a game developed by 2K Sports’ internal team, Visual Concepts. It was thought that the plans for this year would be to improve the experience and return to the foreground with what would be WWE 2K21. However, it appears that 2K Sports’ first attempt to make a wrestling game without the Japanese studio, Yuke, has left its mark on the franchise to the degree that there will be no title this year.

Although the rumors started circulating a few weeks ago. It was today when during the presentation of the WWE financial report, it was confirmed that there will be no WWE 2K21. The information was made official when an investor asked the representative of the wrestling organization about this year’s budget for the title of WWE 2K21, to which he replied: “There’s not going to be a launch of the game this year.”

Beyond what can be said, since the declaration of Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games is still missing. It is almost a fact that the lousy reception that WWE 2K20 had has taken its toll on the franchise as it was a game that became famous for its large number of bugs and the wave of criticism generated by fans of American wrestling.

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Notably, a few hours earlier today, 2K announced that it will be sharing details on the future of the WWE 2K franchise as well as some exciting news on Monday at 7:00 a.m. PT.

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