Tropico 6 Caribbean Skies Add-On Available Now, Trailer Released

Tropico 6 - Caribbean Skies

For Tropico 6 the “Caribbean Skies” expansion was released. It costs around $15 and for the occasion, a new trailer is released.

Kalypso has released a new expansion for Tropico 6. It goes by the name Caribbean Skies and is available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In the new adventure, you fight your way through five new campaign missions and send a fleet of lackeys into the air. Features include new buildings, edicts, and character traits, while additional palace decorations and new El Prez outfits offer additional options for customization.

Features at a glance

  • New scenario-based campaign: In Tropico 6 Caribbean Skies you lead the nation through 5 new missions, each of which unlocks new game mechanics.
  • Drones: Uses, for example, the new logistics drones to deliver to remote regions or the drone taxi for contemporary passenger transport.
  • 8 new buildings: You can take cargo planes and drones into the air with the help of the cargo airport, the battery factory and the drone factory. There are also balloon rides as a new attraction.
  • 4 new regulations: Freelance economy, drone economy, drone recycling.
  • 2 new traits: Drone enthusiast, Qult leader.
  • 3  new palace decorations: Speakers, drones carrying Tropico flags, a miniature of the inexplicable fertilizer cannon and more.
  • New outfit: a colorful banana republic suit

In case you are not yet interested, perhaps the following launch trailer will give you more insight about the new expansion:

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